Get the very best experience with GRAVITY ™  

Please also read the enclosed instructions that come with the unit.

Correct placement is important for your comfort.  Some might experience a little discomfort for the first couple of uses - But you can help yourself to eliminate this with the 6 top tips shown in the second video clip below.

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 6 TOP TIPS.   

And here is some extra direct feedback from our customers.

  • Watching the videos helped me get the keystone placement right - I realise I was placing it too high. When the keystone in the right place you know because you feel elevated, balanced and felt more comfortable.
  • I used a bigger cushion under my knees.
  • Initially I found the gravity uncomfortable, so I started to elevate my legs a little more. After a few days I was used to the feeling and didn’t have to do so anymore. 
  • Using an eye pillow really enhanced the relaxation - it also made me not keep looking at my phone!
  • I set an alarm on my phone so I'd know when the 20 mins were up!