The likelihood is yes and there are a number of reasons why. The main ones being we’re not as active as we used to be, we spend a lot of time sitting down and, most notably, looking head-down at our phones. And I mean an awful lot!  We’ve taught ourselves the habit and the body has come to see it as an okay thing to do. 


The body is like a set of building bricks. When stacked in optimal alignment the body's natural curves in the spine help to balance and support the head that weighs in at a heavy 5-7kg (think bowling ball). Optimal alignment also means tension is neutral through the soft tissue, the spine, and the front, back and sides of the body. 


This neutral tension can be affected by physical activities such as sport, injury, bad posture and phone surfing.  And yes, phone surfing is a physical activity. The body has to work so hard, by increasing tension, to support the head while you look at your phone, and in doing so it displaces the natural curves in the spine to compensate.  It starts to lay down strong collagen fibres in the soft tissue support network. This toughens the rigging to stop your head falling off so now you can hold it in this forward head posture for longer.



Let’s go back to the building bricks for a minute….If one of those bricks is twisted or tilted another brick higher or lower has to compensate, increasing tension in the soft tissue for the bricks to stay upright. In the case of the mobile phone posture we’ve displaced the heaviest top brick (ie the head) to check facebook, put in an order on iherb,  send a message on WhatsApp, check the pollution index, and post an image on instagram.



So what does this mean for your health? Apart from the obvious back and neck pain it also restricts full diaphragmatic breathing, and impairs digestion.  


The body is designed to move, breathe well and have an active digestive system that has mass movement up to 4 times a day. 


Do you recognise yourself in the above? Are you a phone surfer? Do you have forward head posture? And more importantly, is your posture affecting your health?  If so,  what can you do to remedy the problems that phone surfing has on the body’s alignment and health?  


Well, here’s the rub… If you draw back the shoulders and hold yourself up, it will only be short term while your attention is present. As soon as the phone pings with a new fb message - you’ll be back to the learnt default of forward head posture.  Tip: Draw your shoulders down away from your ears and bring your hands up to view your phone without having drop your head. 



Exercise is another problem. If you don’t understand what your displacements are and don’t have the awareness to correct them while exercising, you’re basically just strengthening everything that is wrong with your posture.  Tip: always get in the front row of any exercise class so your instructor can see you and make adjustments to your alignment - if they don’t, change instructors! 


However, help is now at hand… It is a natural, drug-free solution that doesn’t take batteries, doesn’t need charging, you can share it with the family and you can fall asleep while it works! is, of course, 20 minutes of Gravity a day!

Next time you go on the MTR/underground, walk down the street, go on a tram or a ferry, are in the office, or even when you’re out for dinner…. Look around and see how people are sitting, standing, walking or running.  The likelihood is unless you’ve paid attention to this article, you look the same. 

As part of your healthy lifestyle make life a Gravity Life.